Bri the half Ender
Come nag my muse with questions on a sensitive topic.
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1. Do they have any Tattoos?

2. What’s their favorite meal?

3. Do they have any Hobbies?

4. What are they afraid of most?

5. What is their Occupation/Job?

6. Have they ever been in Love?

7. Anyone (Another Muse) They have a Crush on?

8. Any Scars? If so, what kind and how did they get them?

9. Have they been Married?

10. Have they had Sex?

11. How old are they?

12. If They were in a relationship with my Muse, would they be happy?

13. Can they cook?

14. (Ask whatever you want)

15. Is the muse superstitious? If SO name some superstitions..

16. Has your Muse wanted Children?

17. What are their Sleeping Habits?

18. Do they like Sex?

19. Best Childhood Memory?

20. Worst Childhood Memory?

21. If You Muse Was in bed with Mine, what would be happening?

22. Has your Muse ever cried?

23. Does your Muse like to drink?

25. If My Muse asked, Would Your Muse Kiss them?

26. Does You Muse have a Education?

27. What are Your Muse’s Special Talents?

28. Has your Muse ever Killed?

29. Does Your Muse find Mine Attractive?

30. Does Your Muse like Lingerie?

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↖ has a nice butt
Glance (starter for Anna the Archer)

 Maybe this should be the last time she came out here, there really was nothing else they could try, but her parent s had just one last idea. Their ideas about getting her to remember were about to drive her mad. She would have already said no a dozen times if it wasn’t for… Why wasn’t she just saying no? Randae loved her the way she was, and that was plenty for her, but she knew it made him nervous when she went out to look for things like this. To remember, he was worried it would change her somehow, almost more than she was.

Only her parents were unsatisfied, somehow, with her not remembering the past and what she used to be like.

Bri sighed and leaned against a small boulder at the bottom of the mountain she was about to climb. That was enough to be the what for that drove her to try and find the ingredients for the spell that might work even though she was sick of the entire thing.

Find the highest moss that grows at it’s peak. Her father had said, It fights for it’s existence. Maybe that’ll work. And of course she had said okay.

Your character wakes up to my character falling through the ceiling. What’s your character’s reaction?
Hey lil' cutie~~


Send “Hey, little cutie” to see my muse as an eight year old.

( This was back when her pointy teeth were just coming in, and she liked bandannas )

(Anyone want to rp?)

(Anyone want to rp?)
Send “Hey, little cutie” to see my muse as an eight year old.
Try to find my character’s physical ‘weak spot’!

Whether it’s that sensitive spot to nibble that makes them melt, their Achilles’ Heel that lets them down in every tickle fight, or the old scar that never really healed…

(Anyone want to rp?)

Send me “Kid:” followed by a question and my muse will answer it as his/her ten year old self.